Why wooden teething rings are great for baby


About wooden teething rings. We have a lot of teething babies in our community and I found wooden rings to be a great choice to soothe tender gums. It is a much better alternative to plastic or silicon teething rings. Not only baby doesn’t chew on BPA and other nasty materials but some woods, like maple, have natural antibacterial properties.

But wood is porous. How about the germs?
I did some research about how to finish wooden rings and found the following options: beeswax protects the wood and makes it water-resistant but it is wax and I don’t like the idea of using it for baby’s mouth (personal choice), blend of beeswax and olive oil (olive oil can go rancid), olive oil alone, and ….  coconut oil! Coconut oil cleans and polishes any wood and has also antibacterial properties. Like olive oil, it is a vegetable oil, but one of the great things about it is that it has a long shelf life (2 years) because it is slow to oxidize due to a high content in saturated fat. Some people use coconut oil to clean and protect their cutting board!

Taking care of wooden rings:  So I finished my rings with organic virgin coconut oil. No dyes, no pigments of any kind so it is non toxic and safe. Then what? Wooden rings can be washed in warm water and soap and retreated with either coconut oil or another blend of your choice. See below the difference between an unfinished ring and one treated with coconut oil.


Because Easter is approaching fast, I made some bunny ears using scraps of hemp / organic cotton fabric. The back is the natural hemp / organic cotton fleece I love, besides it shows the wrong side of the fabric as opposed to having the fleece side apparent, so there is no lint in baby’s mouth!
Visit the shop to buy them.
wooden_ring_blue wooden_ring_green


Blue: organic drooling bibs and baby cloth wipes CurlyMonkey

They are new in the shop, they are organic and they are super soft!

Created for teething babies AND older kids (my 5 years old is wearing his brother’s in the last pic below), this is the ultimate bib for drooling kids. In blue (Limited edition) or Natural for sensitive skin.  Composition: 55% hemp/ 45% organic cotton fleece.

Large enough do have the job done without sacrificing comfort and softness.


We have also listed the matching organic cloth baby wipes.


organic blue hemp fleece baby bib


organic hemp fleece baby bib


My 5 yo wearing his brother’s bib


organic blue baby cloth wipes

organic blue baby cloth wipes

One afternoon in the life of a curly monkey

Our little one turned 5 months old and a giggling and crawling baby is extremely difficult to photograph. At 5  mo, a baby will be utterly uncooperative, putting in his mouth everything he can grasp and laughing at your efforts to stage your article “perfectly”. All my admiration goes to professional photographers who specialize in babies and children. My oldest son was totally up for the photo shoot though and it was overall a fun afternoon. 

Our organic hooded bath towel comes in 1 size big enough to cover newborns to 8 years old. I love the softness of this unbleached hemp fleece and might be tempted to make an adult size pretty soon…

organic hooded bath towel for giggling baby

hemp baby bath towel modeled by pensive baby

organic hemp hooded bath towel: final shot

organic hooded towel on my 4 years old

organic hooded towel: close-up